Born Bavarian was founded in January 1995 in München, Bavaria, Germany by Andi Nauerz (vocals), Florian Boschetto (vocals, washboard) and Fritz Kohlhofer (guitar). The three were joined soon by Kirov Starnecker on drums and Tommy Knauer on bass. Back then, nobody could imagine this project would ever become more than a project.

After only 6 months of existence, Born Bavarian records the probably roughest and most shameless LP in rock history, “Southern By The Grace Of God”. Andi Sturm, sound engineer of that musical milestone, becomes the new bass player.

The next months and years see hell of a lot of band members come and go, in many cases not quite voluntarily. In spite of that the band is very productive and enriches the world’s cultural heritage with several – still damned rough – split 7”es (with friendly bands like Nothing But Puke, Rancid Vat, Antiseen and Hellstomper).

In 1998 Born Bavarian plays some gigs in the USA, for example at the “Confederacy Of Scum Supershow” in Charlotte, NC: America (at least a very small part of it) loves us, and we love America (at least a very small part of it)!

Back in Bavaria, Klaus Pelz joins the band as new guitarist, thereby almost ending Born Bavarian’s endless line-up troubles: Andi Nauerz, lead vocals; Klaus Pelz, guitar; Andi Sturm, bass and Hansi Spörlein, drums now form the mightiest Born Bavarian so far.

Almost, we said: Drums remain a problem and so Born Bavarian records the CD/LP “Crazy Hog” – out in 2001 and clearly marking a new musical and recording level of the band – with temporary drummer Martin Schultz. He also helps out on Born Bavarian’s support gigs for Antiseen on their 2002 Germany-tour.

Due to private and professional changes in some of the members’ lifes, Born Bavarian goes on to record and play (and to hire and fire drummers, of course), but doesn’t record and play as much as the boys would have wished to.

Nevertheless, with new drummer Michi Sailer, Born Bavarian pushs out a bunch of ass burning 7”es, among them the “Guade Leit” EP featuring 4 songs in Bavarian dialect for the first time.

Willy Storbeck takes over the drums just in time to go to the studio for the “Blowing Your Fuse” CD (out in 2006). With him, Born Bavarian becomes rougher than ever and makes almost every other rock-band sound like mama’s little sweeties: Listen to Born Bavarian’s newest album “Angels Of Death” and you’ll agree.

Right after recording the “Angels Of Death” CD, Born Bavarian sees the hardest and at the same time the luckiest line-up change so far: After long discussions about the musical way of the band, Andi Sturm and Willi Storbeck leave and Matschi (bass) and Schnitzel (drums) join the band – and hell, you better expect Born Bavarian to sound like rock’n’roll GODS now!

Soundfiles (mp3)
From the album "Angels of Death"
Gun Maniac
Burn the World

From the album "Blowing Your Fuse"
People Hold
Would You Hear Me

From the album "Crazy Hog"
Stand In A Line
Tuned Very High

Shoot them down (mp4)
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